SERRIZE is an Internet platform where consumers can research and find the best local service providers and professionals in specific areas such as Healthcare, Home Builders, Education, Event Management, Business services and more. The platform’s review system not only helps users identify the best-rated service providers and professionals but also incentivizes these professionals to offer the highest quality and experience when serving their clients


SERRIZE was founded by five friends who share a common vision of improving the ability of consumers to find reliable service providers and professionals, and also that of service providers and professionals to differentiate themselves by the quality of the services they provide. SERRIZE enables users, primarily in African countries, to easily find local service providers that they can trust based on reviews posted by other users. Additionally, SERRIZE offers a unique platform for service providers and professionals to highlight their offerings and increase their visibility.

We understand the difficulties for consumers today to identify talented trustworthy professionals due to the lack of established widespread means to review their credentials and differentiate among them. Consumers generally rely on word-of-mouth and street advertisements to find professionals. We believe that digitizing the process of searching and finding professional services providers with SERRIZE is the best solution to this problem. A cornerstone of SERRIZE value add is to establish a system of accountability sourced in a peer review system that allows professional service providers to put their clients FIRST and always strive to provide the best service possible, to emerge from the pack and to ultimately thrive. We will only succeed in our endeavor to build a trusted client-service provider community if our users provide fair, legitimate and comprehensive reviews on professionals and we encourage them to do so. Lastly, users’ candid feedback will also help us improve their user experience on the SERRIZE platform.

Whether consumers want to build or remodel their house, look for a great lawyer, physician or benefit from the services of a talented event Manager, SERRIZE is the best platform available where they can search and find local professionals that can meet their critical needs.